Lifestyle Options at The Monarch

Find the Care & Support for You or Someone You Love

If you’re starting to research senior living options for you or a family member, you might have noticed there are multiple lifestyle options available to meet the changing needs of older adults.

Senior living is a great option for individuals who need additional care and support, allowing them to lead more active, safe, and empowering lives. However, knowing which level best suits your needs or the needs of someone you love can be confusing as you begin your search.
We strive to ensure individuals and families have the information and knowledge they need to make confident, informed decisions about care options. The Monarch Senior Living offers choice and flexibility, whether it’s the support that comes from residing in an assisted living community or the peace of mind that someone you love living with dementia is safe and secure in a memory care community.

Explore our lifestyle options and find the care and community for your family!

Care & Support for You or Someone You Love

Assisted Living

The team at The Monarch takes the time to get to know each resident and family, and your journey is honored along the way. We want to learn about your past, your present, and your goals. Using what we learn, an individualized program of care and services is developed to provide the right amount of support so you can maintain control of your own life.

The Monarch is committed to helping residents maintain their independence, so we place a strong focus on overall wellness. Embracing our holistic philosophy, our programs are designed to offer choice, encompassing the intellectual, physical, social, cultural, creative, and more.

Valeo™ Memory Care

Our secure Valeo memory care neighborhoods are supported by an extensively trained and experienced team. Every team member at The Monarch is focused on whole-person wellness and helping your loved one achieve their personal goals.

We provide compassionate care and support to people at every stage of Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory impairment. Our Valeo philosophy for memory care is designed to create a meaningful, individualized lifestyle that honors a person’s legacy and emphasizes strengths and connection.

Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Whether you or a loved one requires assistance with daily tasks or more advanced memory support, living in a senior living offers a variety of benefits. Some of the many advantages of joining a vibrant community include:

  • Access to programs and amenities
  • Personal care options and help with daily activities
  • Security, security, and peace of mind 
  • Opportunities for connection
  • Focus on nutrition, including daily healthy, delicious cuisine
  • Easy access to healthcare when it’s needed

Senior living communities are an excellent option for older adults interested in security and wellness. Learning about the benefits of a senior living community gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and find the perfect fit.

Starting the Conversation with Someone You Love

Discussing the move to a senior living community with a parent or family member can be overwhelming and emotional. It’s challenging to predict how they will respond, especially if they feel vulnerable. That’s why approaching the idea of making a lifestyle change with confidence, patience, and compassion can significantly impact the outcome.

Research Icon
& Prepare

Your loved one may be hesitant about the idea of moving into an assisted living community. These feelings likely stem from common myths and misconceptions about what life is like in a senior living community. By coming to the conversation prepared, you will be able to reassure your parent or family member and provide information to help shape their perspective about senior living.

Positive Icon

Focus on
the Positive

Emphasize the benefits of transitioning into a community and how this lifestyle change can enhance your loved one’s quality of life. A few things to mention could include access to personalized care and support, connection and engagement opportunities, no more home maintenance or upkeep, nutrition and dining options, and on-site community amenities.

with Empathy

When you approach the topic of senior living, make sure you also listen to what your parent or family member has to say instead of making the conversation one-sided. Take note of their preferences and needs and work together to find a solution or community that accommodates them.

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Keep the Conversation Going

The topic of senior living is not a conversation that happens once and never needs to be discussed again. Find opportunities to keep the conversation alive so your loved one feels free to talk about everything they are feeling throughout the process

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

With all of the decisions you need to make in choosing an assisted living or memory care community, we want to make sure you and your family have the information you need. Submit a request for more information, and our team will be in touch.

We want to help you or someone you love lead a life of comfort, connection, and support. We are here to create an environment where older adults can thrive and live fulfilling lives, and we would be honored to be a part of your journey. Contact The Monarch today!