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Assisted Living & Memory Care in Richardson, TX

The Monarch at Richardson is here to create a lifestyle for you or someone you love that enriches, empowers, and adds peace of mind. Imagine daily living that includes a chef to cook delicious meals that can be enjoyed with friends, a dedicated coordinator to fill your days with fun and laughter, a driver to transport you to errands and appointments, and a caring team that prioritizes your health and wellness. Your day awaits you at The Monarch at Richardson!
Assisted Living & Memory Care in Richardson, TX

Assisted Living

You won’t find two of the same people in our vibrant assisted living community in Richardson, TX, and you won’t find two of the same care plans. We offer a collaborative approach to care, supporting each resident holistically and offering the support they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Valeo™ Memory Care

Our memory care community in Richardson, TX, embraces an innovative approach to life for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory impairments. By working to make sure residents feel respected, cared for, and empowered to their fullest level of independence, we enhance the lives of those we serve and provide peace of mind for their families.

Amenities & Services at
The Monarch at Richardson

Life is richer when it’s full of choices. Every service and amenity at The Monarch at Richardson is created to help you or someone you love live life to the fullest.

Beautiful Outdoor Courtyard

Spending time outdoors is more enjoyable at The Monarch. Our courtyards are the ideal private getaway or the perfect location for parties and other social gatherings.

Furry Friends Welcome

The Monarch at Richardson is a family-focused community – and that means every member of your family, including pets! As a pet-friendly community, we gladly welcome you and your pet.

Community Pets

Studies have shown that spending time with pets helps reduce stress, adds meaning to our lives, and helps us focus on something outside of ourselves. Whether residents have a pet or not, our pet therapy program allows everyone the chance to connect with animals and reap the benefits.

Health & Wellness

Your well-being is at the core of The Monarch at Richardson’s philosophy, and all of our services and amenities are designed to promote physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellness. Staying active enables you to thrive and continue to do the things you enjoy. Our Richardson senior living community offers an abundance of ways to enhance your abilities in a lighthearted, social atmosphere.

Family Engagement

The Monarch at Richardson offers support and a variety of resources for family members, including orientation sessions, educational seminars, sensitivity training seminars, and support groups. With our Salus™ and Valeo™ programs, our emphasis on family and individual support builds a high level of trust and security that makes life here exceptional.

Signature Programming

Backed by the expertise and dedication of AgeWell Solvere Living, our goal is always to respect you, honor your legacy, and empower you to search for the things that continue to bring meaning to your life.

Our wellness philosophy, Salus™ by AgeWell Solvere Living, focuses on the Four Components of Wellness – physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual – ensuring that your body is active, your relationships are strong, your mind is challenged, and your spiritual needs are met.


Living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition as a means to stay strong and flexible and limit disease and disability.


Strengthening existing connections with family and friends and developing new relationships to stay connected to the community.


Stimulating minds through participation in lifelong learning initiatives and challenging, creative programs.


Continuing the lifelong search for purpose and meaning through faith-based involvement, volunteerism, and service and enjoying meaningful pastimes.

Customized, one-on-one programs provide meaningful opportunities to help residents build relationships and grow connections through positive social surroundings. Our signature programs are a testament to our desire to find new ways to better serve residents – every day.

SALUS (SAL-us), noun. Latin for “well-being”

Salus™ is our trademark wellness philosophy that focuses on your potential to achieve your personal goals through engagement and connection. This philosophy is integrated across our Richardson senior living community and woven into the array of services and amenities offered. 

At The Monarch at Richardson, you will find a variety of programs and ways to connect that help sustain or improve health and well-being.

Valeo™ by Agewell Solvere Living

Valeo™ is part of our Salus by AgeWell Solvere Living pillar dedicated to memory care. Valeo™, Latin for “to thrive,” aligns with the Salus holistic approach to wellness. It is specifically tailored to those with memory impairments and integrates all facets of a resident’s life in its approach to wellness.

Our team members immerse themselves in the lives of each resident while working with their families and healthcare providers. It’s only by having a complete picture that we can offer the most complete care.

First-Class Dining Services

We believe one of life’s simple pleasures is gathering friends and family together over a delicious meal. From daily chef-prepared meals to special events with unique menus and seasonal celebrations, we never turn down an opportunity to enjoy great food with friends, neighbors, and family!

Everything we offer at The Monarch has a holistic philosophy, and so does our dining program – it provides nutrition, connection, and pleasure. Join us for a meal, and experience this for yourself!

Costs & Pricing

You get a lot for your money at The Monarch at Richardson, including access to resort-style amenities and features, all surrounded by a stylish and comfortable setting. This is in addition to apartments that are spacious and accommodating for visiting family and guests. With no large up-front fees and a monthly rental fee that helps you stay in control of your budget, the support you need is within reach.
The Monarch at Richardson has a one-time fee of $2,500, which covers the cost of admission paperwork, preparing the apartment for move-in, and helping to maintain community spaces. The monthly fee for assisted living starts at $4,500, + six wellness package options based on individual abilities starting at $500. Our specialized Valeo™ memory care services are all-inclusive and start at $6,920.
We encourage you to contact the community directly to request more information about pricing, care, and services.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

With all of the decisions you need to make in choosing an assisted living or memory care community in the greater Richardson, Texas, area, we want to make sure you and your family have the information you need. Submit a request for more information, and our team will be in touch.
We want to help you or someone you love lead a life of comfort, connection, and support. We are here to create a community where older adults can thrive and live fulfilling lives, and we would be honored to be a part of your journey. 

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